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Beauty supply store hair cannot be colored and will limit your flexibility for additional styles and use. Bundle hair is unprocessed so you can color and wear it many different ways over an extended period of time.

Natural color is the tone of virgin hair. It gradually changes from #1b (off-black) to #2 dark brown.

Our hair is very clean and neat, so you do not have to wash your hair when you initially receive it. If you choose to pre-wash the hair, we recommend using the cold wash process for best results.

Bleached knots help make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured. Bleaching or “lightening” the knots reduces the visibility of this knot. On the off-black (1B) and dark brown hair, the knots are lightened to a light brown shade. Very light brown and blonde shades usually do not need bleached knots. It is not possible to bleach knots on jet black (#1) hair, and is very difficult to bleach knots on 1B hair.

1.Choose a shampoo & conditioner that best suits your hair type:
Curly or coarse hair will likely require frizz-minimizing or softening shampoos.

Colored or treated hair likely require a shampoo that is fortified with extracts or amino acids.

2.Proper way to deep condition curly hair:
We recommend that you deep condition your hair at least once a week with cold water. Apply a moderate amount of conditioner, starting about an inch down from the root working it through to the tips of your hair. Wait about 15 minutes before rinsing, and then use a wide toothed comb.

Co-Wash your Hair. A Co-Wash is to use conditioner in place of shampoo as a thorough hydrating boost at least once a week. We recommend using cold water to increase the shine, lock in moisture, and reduce frizz.

Use a wide-toothed comb. After you shower, try using a wide toothed comb only to detangle. Or, use your fingers rather than a brush.  This will help prevent additional shedding.

Remember to detangle by combing tips to root. Take your comb, brush, or fingers & start at the tips of your hair and work your way up to the root (weft) of your hair.

Avoid abuse of heat. Be sure to use a heat protectant spray or serum when using heating tools.

Deep conditioning. After serval installations, a deep conditioning will be necessary. Be sure to use quality products when doing a deep conditioning. Try shampoos that do not contain sulfates or parabens.

Protect your hair. Remember to twist, braid, bantu-knot, flexi-rod, roller-set, rod-set, or silk scarf wrap your hair before sleeping. This is not required as it is human hair, but will make the difference in getting longer wear between installs.

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