the first paycheck is just the beginning

  • 20-40% personal commission on all sales
  • Cash bonuses, incentives and prizes
  • Unlimited team sales commission for the lifetime of your referrals

Why you’ll love this opportunity

you are the boss, lady!

You decide when and where to work. It’s little effort to spread the word for what people are already buying.

getting started has never been easier

With this business, you have no start-up costs. No inventory. Nothing to manage. We do it all for you.

there’s nothing to it

Word of mouth and social advertising is easy. We do that every-day anyway – now let’s get paid for it. We’ve got your back with all the support.

endless monthly perks

everyone loves a goal or a rewards to collect along with checks

Our Commercial

Premium, luxurious hair extensions Shop Milk Hair Company


    As a Milk Hair Affiliate, you are an independent contractor who makes the decisions on when and where to share and refer Milk Hair product sell to earn a sizable monthly commission. You decide how much time you want to invest in your own independent business. This allows you to create a business that fits your lifestyle, while providing extra income when and where it matters — scaling up or down as you wish. As an Affiliate, you are eligible earn between 20% – 40% in monthly commissions based on all your product sales volume. You even get to keep your referral customers, because this is not a one-time referral bonus program. This is a great monthly income opportunity as we all know several people who love to wear luxurious extensions.

    Milk Hair Affiliates earn up to 40% commission from personal referrals

    It’s simple. After signing up as a Milk Hair Affiliate, you are provided your own personal website link that tracks all referral sales back to you, and a portion back into your pockets.

    For example: Rather you refer friends to take advantage of our 3 for $175 bundles or you refer your co-worker to take advantage of 1 bundle for $59, each sale will earn you up to 40% commission depending on how many sales you’ve accumulated within that month.

    The tracking and commissions re-start at the beginning of each month. You can also decide to cash out at the 2 week point in the month as well – completely up to you because you run your own business! But the more momentum you pick up in a month, the greater your checks will be. The faster you get to the highest earning bracket, the bigger your take home earnings will be. A flexible and reliable side job, without doing much!

    This diagram outlines the earning potential based on percentage bracket. The tracked sales are based on calendar month, and the more affiliate referral sales you drive, the higher the earning potential you can achieve!





    Example # of Bundles to show how simple it is!

    1$59-$64820%$11-$1181 – 10
    2$649-$153325%$162-$36811 – 25
    3$1534-$265530%$460-$79626 – 45
    4$2656 & UP!40%$1085 & UP!46+

    The far right column shows just how simple and quick you can climb the Tiers.  As little as 1 referral sale could equal a 3 bundle deal for $175.  This easy and generous commission potential could be just the financial buffer you’ve been looking for. Before you know it, you too could add an additional $1K or more in monthly earnings to take home.